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Frequently asked questions

  • How much do mobile hairdressers charge in London?

    The cost of mobile hairdressers near you can vary based on: your location, the services you need, and how skilled your hairdresser is.

    In London, on average, you can expect to pay about £35 - £60 for a home haircut using TrimCheck.

    For specialized services such as haircuts for the elderly & kid’s haircuts, the prices might differ due to the extra time & care required.

    To get the best rates, compare prices of all the independent mobile hairdressers in your area through the TrimCheck app.

  • What is it called when a hairdresser comes to your house?

    When a hairdresser comes to your house, it is known as a ‘’mobile hairdressing service’’ or a ‘’home haircut’’, and it’s typically performed by a ‘’home hairdresser’’.

    On the TrimCheck app, mobile barbers & mobile hairdressers bring the barbershop/salon experience to the comfort of your own home or office, making it convenient for you to get a haircut, without leaving your residence.

  • Can I get my haircut at home

    Absolutely, you can get your haircut at home by booking a mobile hairdresser or mobile barber through TrimCheck! Our app makes it easy to find the best independent mobile barbers & mobile hairdressers near you.

    On the TrimCheck app - you can choose to book a mobile hairdresser for a regular home haircut, or a kid’s haircut, or more specialized services such as home haircuts for the elderly.

    All mobile hairdressers on our platform and trained to deliver the home services they offer at the highest level.

  • How are mobile hairdressers so cheap on TrimCheck?

    Luxury & affordability are often seen as mutually exclusive, especially in a bustling city like London.

    At TrimCheck, we’re able to offer luxurious services performed by the most experienced independent mobile hairdressers & mobile barbers at affordable rates.

    Here’s how we do it:

    1) Efficiency.

    We have an obsessive focus on efficiency, ensuring all booking are grouped by area and sequenced back-to-back. This minimizes travel time significantly for our mobile hairdressers & mobile barbres, allowing them to service more clients in a shorter amount of time, without compromising on quality of service.

    2) No rent overheads.

    In London, rent is a significant expense for traditional salons & barbershops. By operating without a physical location, we eliminate these overheads & pass on the savings to you - the customer!

    This allows us to provide top-notch services at a fraction of the price you’d pay in a high-end salon or barbershop.

  • Is there an app for traveling barbers?

    Yes.. its called TrimCheck! Our app is specifically designed for booking traveling barbers & mobile hairdressers near you.

    Booking an independent mobile barber or mobile hairdresser for a home haircut on TrimCheck, is as easy as ordering a ride on Uber.

    Not only that, but with a TrimCheck subscription - you can setup recurring bookings so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of making a booking each time your due a trim… and it get’s better - not only is it super streamlined, but you get to benefit from huge savings (upto 50%) by subscribing.

    With TrimCheck, say bye to long waits at the barbershop & say hello to AI-enabled efficiency & cost savings.

  • Won't there be a mess to clean up after the haircut?

    No, our barbers are trained professionals who take cleanliness and hygiene seriously. They will bring their own equipment, including capes and protective covers, to minimize any mess. They will also clean up after the appointment, leaving your space tidy.

  • How does trim-it work?

    Trim-it is a mobile barbershop service that brings barbers to your doorstep in a barbershop van.

    It closed down on the 4th of January, 2023.

    If you want to book a trim-it barber now, download the TrimCheck app where you’ll find Trim-it barbers alongside other independent mobile barbers servicing all of London.

    Trim-it is a mobile barbershop service that brings barbers to your doorstep in a barbershop van.

  • How much does trim-it cost?

    A one-off haircut on Trim-it costs about £50, depending on your location and the distance fees. On TrimCheck, prices range from £20-£90 as each barber sets their own service prices and distance fees.

  • What happened to Trim-it?

    Trim-It filed for liquidation on the 4th of January 2023, after facing fierce competition with TrimCheck. The longstanding battle had been going on for about half a decade until Trim-It management finally decided enough was enough.

    Consumers loved the product, but the business model and unit economics were not making sense.

    You can still book Trim-It barbers on the TrimCheck app. To find out whether there are any Trim-It barbers servicing your area, simply enter your location on the app and you’ll get the full list of independent barbers servicing your area.

  • What’s the difference between trim-it and trimcheck?

    Trim-it is like a barbershop franchise except that it’s on wheels, they operate mobile van barbershops.

    Meanwhile, TrimCheck is an open platform with independent mobile barbers & mobile hairdressers, including trim-it barbers.

    So, using TrimCheck - you can book trim-it barbers, but the contrary is not possible.

    Trim-it barbers are listed on trimcheck, alongside other independent mobile barbers & mobile hairdressers.

    It’s like comparing Uber Eats vs. Dominos. In this analogy, Trim-it is dominos and TrimCheck is Uber Eats.

  • How to download trim-it?

    Trim-it is no longer available on the App store, but you can download TrimCheck to book trim-it barbers as well as any other independent mobile barbers & mobile hairdressers to your home, anywhere in London.

    Lots of the barbers on TrimCheck are from Trim-it and are still using trim-it vans.

  • What is a mobile barber?

    A mobile barber is a travelling barber that services clients at their locations (e.g their home or office), rather than in a fixed location.

    Mobile barbers are becoming increasingly more popular due to increased consumer demand as consumer become more accustomed to services being delivered on-demand.

    Mobile barbers are especially popular in expensive cities such as London, where shop rent prices are really high. As a result, mobile barbers can significantly out-earn in-shop barbers if they manage to manage bookings efficiently.

    Mobile barbers can use GeoWise to manage their home services as efficiently as possible.

  • What is the difference between a mobile barber & and a mobile hairdresser? And which one earns more?

    A mobile barber typically focuses on haircuts and grooming services for men, whereas a mobile hairdresser offers a wider range of hair services, including cuts, styling, coloring, and treatments for all genders. Earnings can vary widely based on experience, customer base, and location. However, both mobile barbers and mobile hairdressers can potentially earn more than their in-shop counterparts due to lower overhead costs and flexible scheduling.

  • Is TrimCheck legit?

    If you consider over 30,000 customers reviews above ⅘ a credible milestone, then yes, we are legit :)

    We are a registered company headquartered in London, with our offices in Level 37, 1 Canada Square, London E14 5AA

    Our companies house number is 12600697 & our Vat registration no. is 404111071.

    Ready to try TrimCheck? Download the app & book a home haircut today!