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2 apps.

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  • Personal booking website

    Personal website

    Your own booking webpage to get bookings on. Showcase your portfolio & reviews to the world!

  • App booking page

    App booking page

    You own verified app booking page. Great for customer retention!

  • Flexible payments

    Flexible payment methods:

    Choose between Mobile pay, Cash or Cryptocurrency.

    Set your own prices in any currency you prefer.

    Zero commissions, and same day payouts for mobile pay.

  • TrimCheck Boost

    TrimCheck Boost

    Dedicated marketing campaigns set up around your local area, for a competitive fee per customer.

  • Route Optimiser

    Route optimiser & grouping

    For mobile barbers only - group different areas into different days & get booked by your customers according to your most efficient path.

  • Analytics & Business Stats

    Analytics & Business Stats

    Gain insights on your performance & growth opportunities.

  • Customisable Subscription Program

    Your own subscription program

    Reward your most loyal customers by offering them discounts in exchange for pre-committed monthly or annual packages.

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“Simple but powerful. TrimCheck has been a game changer for me. Easily the best decision I’ve made in my barbering career.”


“TrimCheck is the first booking app that I used and I don't have any regrets using it. I have built a good profile with a lot of reviews, so I will keep using the app moving forward.”


“TrimCheck is one of the best booking apps out there. It's easy to use and my customers love it.”

@Dante Oliveria


  • Channel Manager
    • Is TrimCheck a booking app or is it a channel manager?
      • TrimCheck is both, a booking app & channel manager. Barbers can use TrimCheck as a simple & easy-to-use standalone booking app OR they can use our channel manager if they would like to get listed on multiple booking platforms at once. The channel manager is not required to get started, it is an optional add-on.

    • Which booking apps can I connect using TrimCheck's channel manager?
      • We currently offer the current channel integrations: Booksy, Fresha, Mindbody, Vagaro, Styleseat, Treatwell, Squire, TheCut.

        If there’s any new channels you would like to request to be added, feel free to shoot us on an email at info@trimcheck.com and we’ll get right on it!

    • Can I use TrimCheck if I already use another booking app?
      • Absolutely, most of our users transitioned from other booking apps, and we can help handle your migration for you.

        Although, if you’re using the channel manager - you would not need to migrate platforms if you would like to keep the previous channel you were using. Simply add your previous channel to ‘existing channels’ and it’ll automatically be migrated for you.

    • Which booking app should I choose?
      • We get this question all the time. It’s a hard pick but our top 3 most requested channels are Booksy, Fresha & Vagaro.

  • General
    • Is TrimCheck for Barbers only?
      • TrimCheck is now open to all independent beauty professionals. This includes Barbers, Hairdressers, Stylists, Make up Artists & Nail technicians.

    • How long does it take to get approved and go live?
      • 12 minutes on average!

    • How will my clients book me?
      • You will get a custom booking page on the website & app, the link for your booking page will be: www.trimcheck.com/[Your Username]

    • Can my clients review & rate me?
      • Absolutely! After an appointment, clients can leave you a review and rate your trim. Your clients are also your marketing team! Reviews are the best referral.

    • What is your cancellation policy?
      • Cancel anytime, no questions asked.

  • Payouts
    • Which payment methods can I accept?
      • Cash, Mobile Pay or Both!

    • Is there a commission fee for bookings?
      • Nope. Zero commission fees. We don’t tax you for your success.

    • How are payments processed?
      • We use Stripe to process payments. Stripe is the leading payment processing system globally.

    • How long does it take to receive payouts?
      • We payout instantly on our side, but depending on your country it may take upto 1 week for payments to be received in your bank account, from stripe.

    • Can I set my own cancellation or no-show policy?
      • Absolutely! You can configure your own rules from your settings on the app.